OMG so sorry!

2008-11-23 21:17:07 by Shadow3352

My computer..well my other one..heh heh burned...So it took me maybe 6 months to find one pretty close to it and again I'm SORRY!!!

OMG so sorry!


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2008-12-04 14:42:04

A japanses cartoonist like manga and all that cool im doing manga as a coures in sats ive been drawing it for 8 years how long have you been drawing it?

Shadow3352 responds: 3 years tops.


2009-01-16 20:10:20

gun are gooooooooood XD mwha ha haha ummmmmmmmmm killing people or something XD XD XD XD

Shadow3352 responds:

I think so too but I don't like takes away the fun.